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Thomas Cavanagh performs regularly as a solo acoustic artist playing anything from Irish music to his original acoustic pop material and everything in between. Cavanagh often performs material from his over a dozen solo acoustic albums which range from country to pop to folk to a more traditional singer songwriter story teller format. 

His first acoustic album "Only Child" was released in 1999 and sold huge volumes and received incredible praise. He followed up in 2003 with an album called "Tradition" which was very much in a country folk style heavily influenced by Johnny Cash. In 2004 Cavanagh released "The Pisces Rock Opera" which was a comedy oriented album rock opera. 2006 brought two new Cavanagh albums, "What's Funny to Some" and "February". These records are so very different from each other but were released the same month. What's Funny to Some is a humorous and very sarcastic satirical record that many Cavanagh fans feel is his most brilliant. February is likely however the biggest fan favorite and mixes country and folk and rock and dances between Jackson Browne, Johnny Cash and modern folk. In 2006 Cavanagh released "Cavanagh Sings Cash" and two live acoustic albums. In 2009 Cavanagh released "Bent Acousticat" which was acoustic versions of the Bent Pussycat songs. 2011 saw the released of an album simply titled "Acoustic"which is half Dylanesque folk and half acoustic modern pop. This album was the first in years to be followed up with a dedicated acoustic tour and was enormously successful review wise and sales oriented. Through the years there was also an acoustic Beatles cover record made and a tribute to John Lennon as well as 3 Irish records which contained some original songs by Cavanagh and many traditional Irish songs. Cavanagh also has several Christmas Albums out containing originals and traditional favorites as well. We encourage you to seek these out and pick them up. You will greatly enjoy them all!

In 2013 Cavanagh released "63-64" which so far has been his most critically acclaimed and highly praised album ever. It was recorded on an old eight track using vintage gear and sounds like it was released in 1963 not 2013. The album is all original and you can check THE 63-64 Band page for more details.

2014 will see the release of several acoustic records including another folk album and an acoustic blues record in the style of the 1920s and 30's blues masters.

Cavanagh gigs regularly so you can always check the tour dates page and see where he will be.

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Thomas Cavanagh News

Thomas Cavanagh will be performing with his rockabilly band The Backseat Devils on Feb 3rd at 7pm to honor Buddy Holly, Big Bopper and Richie Valens at The Nutty Irishman in Farmingdale NY.  

Cavanagh has announced that on February 18th he will appear at Sergios In Massapequa NY doing a set of the Love Songs of Johnny Cash and. June Carter in honor of Valentines Day. Donna Domingo will be performing as June Carter with Cavanagh.The Second set will focus on the humorous "love songs" Johnny Cash performed like Flushed from the bathroom of your heart, Deila and more.

Cavanagh will perform at Sergios on 3.3.18  doing a special Cash show of the songs Johnny sang about trains. Songs like Orange Blossom Special, City of New Orleans, Wreck of 97, Hey Porter and more will be performed for a train theme night.‚Äč

Cavanagh will perform at Sergios again on 3.4.18 doing a special Cash show of the songs Johnny sang about trains. Songs like Orange Blossom Special, City of New Orleans, Wreck of 97, Hey Porter and more will be performed for a train theme night!

Walking the lIne will be doing a special set with the just the trio on 3.24.18. The trio will recreate the music and feel of the 1950s Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two focusing on the early part of Cash's career. This show will be at the Paradise In Hauppauge NY.

Walking the Line will perform at The Long Beach Library on3.25.18at 1pm. The band will perform the greatest hits of Johnny Cash as well as the Live At Folsom Prison album for the 50th anniversary. The 5pc band will perform.

Thomas Cavanagh has been performing solo Johnny Cash shows the last few months doing entire Johnny Cash records from beginning to end as well as nights devoted to themes. On January 5th 6th and 7th Cavanagh had back to back sold out shows at Sergios in Massapequa NY. He returned January 28th to do  a night of Johnny Cash's 50's material followed by a set of greatest hits . On February 18th Cavanagh will return to Sergios to perform the LOVE SONGS of Johnny Cash and June Carter. This show will be a duo with Donna Domingo playing the part of June Carter. March 3 and 4th Cavanagh will do a show at Sergios focusing on Johnny Cash's setlists from his tour of Ireland in 1993.

Walking the Line will pay tribute to Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two on March 24th at The Paradise in Hauppauge NY. The first set will feature songs of the 1950s that the trio recorded and played live and the second set will be a greatest hits collection. 

One of the great things about Thomas Cavanagh and his Johnny Cash Tribute Walking the line is  as critics have mentioned is that every show is different. One night the band will do The Live at Folsom Prison record from beginning to end then the next night they will do a setlist from a tour in the 1970s the night after that a show of focusing on Johnny Cash's Gospel music. So check the events and tour dates page for details.

Thomas Cavanagh will be performing a very special Valentines Day Johnny Cash show with Donna Domingo as June Carter. For the holiday the duo will perform the Duets and love songs of Johnny Cash and June Carter as well as the greatest hits and some of Johnny Cash's unorthodox love songs. February 18th at Sergios. Check the events and tour dates page for details

Thomas would like to thank all the friends and family who came to the Paramount on Jan 19th and saw his band Bad Animals. The Show was sold out thanks to everyone! 


Tour Dates

  • Jun 14
    Bad Animals at 89 North Music Venue,  Patchogue
  • Aug 24
    Walking the line Johnny Cash Tribute at Long Island Maritime Museum Festival,  West Sayville
  • Aug 25
    Bad Animals Heart Tribute at Long Island Maritime Museum Festival,  West Sayville
  • Dec 7
    Walking the line xmas show at Laurita Winery,  new egypt
  • Dec 7
    Walking the line xmas show at Laurita Winery,  new egypt

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