Pop Smart Overdrive is exactly what the band name suggests. Influenced by Cheap Trick, The Beatles, The Foo Fighters The Kinks, Green Day, Nick Lowe, The Ramones, Social Distortion and other greats of power pop history, this band couldn't be more pop rock radio friendly. The Band's only goal is to bring fun back to rock and roll and they do that because quite simply, the band is fun. Just four guys enjoying and appreciating the ability to play enjoyable music together.

The band consists of Thomas Michael Cavanagh (lead vocals and guitar), Chris "Cretin" Zoll (drums), Mike Zinn (bass), Sal “Spydyr” Manteria (guitar). Each band member brings their own personality and experience and most importantly, love of music to create the bands unique sound. 

The band formed in May of 2016 and has opened for some of the Long Islands biggest headliners along with international acts and this summer will be releasing their debut album. 


Here are some audio samples for you to enjoy:

About each band member:

Lead Vocalist/Guitarist Thomas Cavanagh is the driving force behind Pop Smart Overdrive. His career in music so far has been more than impressive with session work albums numbering into the hundreds, albums of his own music well over fifty, work as a side man for some of the biggest names in rock history like Lita Ford, Jerry Jemmott, years with bands of great success such as Rhino Caravan, Wardance, Bent Pussycat, Jones Crusher, and broadway appearances such as I Am Scarecrow, The Fab Four and Rock of Ages. His unique voice, pop songwriting, blistering guitar solos, witty lyrics and godly tone lay the foundation for the Pop Smart Overdrive sound and direction.

Chris "Cretin" Zoll took his wide range of influences like Alex Van Halen and Marky Ramone and mixed them with his own natural talent for playing the drums to become one of the most popular drummers in the music scene. It seems everyday another band or artist is trying to lure him into their project, and there's a very valid reason why; he kicks ass! Chris fluently plays a variety of styles like  punk, metal, pop, rockabilly, rock and ska as easy as some people speak their native language. Years of listening and collecting vinyl from all genres has created the sound and feel he contributes to Pop Smart Overdrive. Chris is also a bassist, singer and guitarist that often appears solo as well as with other bands when he's not drinking Banana shakes from Checkers. 

From playing guitar in a little bedroom to playing in front of crowds across the United States, Sal “Spydyr” Manteria’s crash course into the music world is a continuous evolution.  Influenced by Rock n Roll at a young age thanks very much in part to The Beatles, the range of learning expands from the dirty Blues of Robert Johnson to the blistering melodic attack of Avenged Sevenfold.  Blues, Hard Rock, Metal, Punk you name it, Spydyr has his hand in it somewhere but he always gravitates back to what made him who he is such as The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Guns n Roses and Alice in Chains.  Spydyr is a former member of the hard rock band Midnight Mob and after a 5 ½ year run with them, it was time for a change in pace and departed amicably.  With his time in Midnight Mob Spydyr toured all over the United States, had various TV placements, professional music videos, international music play and released 3 EPs with the band.  The evolution continues and he eagerly awaits the various steps forward into music.  Spydyr plays Gibson Guitars and Marshall Amps.  

Michael Zinn's been playing music since around eighteen when he asked for a guitar for his birthday. His dad got him an acoustic guitar and lessons, but Zinn made him return it and get an electric guitar.  When he noticed most bands had plenty of options for guitarists Zinnecid decided bass was the way to go. Zinn's bass playing career has included playing for Giantsize, Shock Radar, The Jeff Regan Band and  Spiderlord. He is influenced by early Rock music, specifically the heavier bands like Led Zepplin and Black Sabbath, but that doesn't omit other genres especially anything creative and different. Zinn's love for psychedelic rock with catchy grooves is evident in his contribution to Pop Smart Over Drive.

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Want to know where Cavanagh is and with who?


Thomas Cavanagh News

Thomas Cavanagh will be performing with his rockabilly band The Backseat Devils on Feb 3rd at 7pm to honor Buddy Holly, Big Bopper and Richie Valens at The Nutty Irishman in Farmingdale NY.  

Cavanagh has announced that on February 18th he will appear at Sergios In Massapequa NY doing a set of the Love Songs of Johnny Cash and. June Carter in honor of Valentines Day. Donna Domingo will be performing as June Carter with Cavanagh.The Second set will focus on the humorous "love songs" Johnny Cash performed like Flushed from the bathroom of your heart, Deila and more.

Cavanagh will perform at Sergios on 3.3.18  doing a special Cash show of the songs Johnny sang about trains. Songs like Orange Blossom Special, City of New Orleans, Wreck of 97, Hey Porter and more will be performed for a train theme night.‚Äč

Cavanagh will perform at Sergios again on 3.4.18 doing a special Cash show of the songs Johnny sang about trains. Songs like Orange Blossom Special, City of New Orleans, Wreck of 97, Hey Porter and more will be performed for a train theme night!

Walking the lIne will be doing a special set with the just the trio on 3.24.18. The trio will recreate the music and feel of the 1950s Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two focusing on the early part of Cash's career. This show will be at the Paradise In Hauppauge NY.

Walking the Line will perform at The Long Beach Library on3.25.18at 1pm. The band will perform the greatest hits of Johnny Cash as well as the Live At Folsom Prison album for the 50th anniversary. The 5pc band will perform.

Thomas Cavanagh has been performing solo Johnny Cash shows the last few months doing entire Johnny Cash records from beginning to end as well as nights devoted to themes. On January 5th 6th and 7th Cavanagh had back to back sold out shows at Sergios in Massapequa NY. He returned January 28th to do  a night of Johnny Cash's 50's material followed by a set of greatest hits . On February 18th Cavanagh will return to Sergios to perform the LOVE SONGS of Johnny Cash and June Carter. This show will be a duo with Donna Domingo playing the part of June Carter. March 3 and 4th Cavanagh will do a show at Sergios focusing on Johnny Cash's setlists from his tour of Ireland in 1993.

Walking the Line will pay tribute to Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two on March 24th at The Paradise in Hauppauge NY. The first set will feature songs of the 1950s that the trio recorded and played live and the second set will be a greatest hits collection. 

One of the great things about Thomas Cavanagh and his Johnny Cash Tribute Walking the line is  as critics have mentioned is that every show is different. One night the band will do The Live at Folsom Prison record from beginning to end then the next night they will do a setlist from a tour in the 1970s the night after that a show of focusing on Johnny Cash's Gospel music. So check the events and tour dates page for details.

Thomas Cavanagh will be performing a very special Valentines Day Johnny Cash show with Donna Domingo as June Carter. For the holiday the duo will perform the Duets and love songs of Johnny Cash and June Carter as well as the greatest hits and some of Johnny Cash's unorthodox love songs. February 18th at Sergios. Check the events and tour dates page for details

Thomas would like to thank all the friends and family who came to the Paramount on Jan 19th and saw his band Bad Animals. The Show was sold out thanks to everyone! 


Tour Dates

  • Jun 14
    Bad Animals at 89 North Music Venue,  Patchogue
  • Aug 24
    Walking the line Johnny Cash Tribute at Long Island Maritime Museum Festival,  West Sayville
  • Aug 25
    Bad Animals Heart Tribute at Long Island Maritime Museum Festival,  West Sayville
  • Dec 7
    Walking the line xmas show at Laurita Winery,  new egypt
  • Dec 7
    Walking the line xmas show at Laurita Winery,  new egypt

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