Lights Out - Mark Edwards Daena Dee Vinny Cook Tom Cavanagh Scott Siebert

Lights Out is a classic hard rock/metal band from Long Island New York that plays material ranging from AC/DC, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Anthrax, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Dio, Rainbow and bands in the same genre.

The band was started by drummer Mark Edwards, Tom Cavanagh and Daena Dee mostly just to play some fun tunes for some cool people. Russ Zutto was originally on bass and Vinny Cook was added as second guitar. Eventually Scott Siebert came in on bass when schedules became too hectic. The only mainstay is Mark Edwards and Tom Cavanagh often refers to the band as Mark Edwards Lights Out. 

The band was gigging steady during 2015 and 2016 but is less active thus far in 2017 due to schedules once again.


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Tour Dates

  • Aug 7
    Roosevelt Field,  Garden City
  • Aug 16
    Tiki Joes,  Smithspoint Long Island
  • Aug 18
    Walking the Line Morgan Park,  Glen Cove
  • Aug 24
    Walking the line Johnny Cash Tribute at Long Island Maritime Museum Festival,  West Sayville
  • Aug 25
    Bad Animals Heart Tribute at Long Island Maritime Museum Festival,  West Sayville

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